We Went to Vail to Celebrate Us


My wife and I met on the ski slopes in Vail, so we try to make it back there at least once every few years just to celebrate. We had not been there in nearly six years though because one thing or another kept coming up, and I was bound and determined to make it work last winter. I had looked online at different Vail luxury home rentals because I wanted to find the one that was absolutely perfect for the two of us along with our children. They love the slopes just like we do, and there was no way we were leaving them out.

I found a rental that is super close to the ski lifts that we like to use. This house is so close that it is just takes a minute to walk there. That is not the only nice thing about it though. The living room and master bedroom both have large fireplaces, and the rooms that the kids stayed in had the kind of amenities that they enjoy, like games and movies. Though we did eat out several times, there was also a fantastic kitchen there, and we all pitched in to make our dinners at home the best ever.

I think the thing that we all liked the best were the amazing views. The ski lifts might have only been a short walk away, but we still felt like it was our private area too. I was able to capture some pretty amazing scenes right there in the mountains, and this is now a favorite destination for us. Vail will always hold a special place in our hearts, but now it is holding a similar place in our children’s hearts too. We are definitely not waiting another six years before we do this again.